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Our Potential Partners

Tech. Provider

Technology Providers


  • Any start-up or tech company at their growth stage who wishes to expand its business into new markets. We are teaming with technology providers who have a mature product or solution with valid references, ability to conduct efficient Proof of Concept (POC) and support partners or end user customers to promote its business.



  • Instant access to our community of System Integrators, Distributors, Solution Providers and business development partners

  • “Legs on the ground” – our virtual sales team in the target markets

  • Exposure to market needs, projects and tenders in the target markets

  • Access to TecHub platform 

    • Build your profile: target markets, activities, segments, sales & marketing tools, technical information (optional), commercial information (optional), videos and webinars (optional)

    • Assign and manage projects with partners

    • Manage opportunities and constantly be updated by your partners

    • Projects registration & conflicts resolution 

    • Access to TecHub trusted 3rd party service providers: Marketing, Legal, HR, Call center, Tech. remote center and more

System Integrators, Distributors

and Solution Providers


Any System Integrator, Distributor or Solution Provider, who wishes to partner with the innovative, vetted and mature technologies offered on TecHub’s Platform.



  • Instant access to our vetted and mature technology partners

  • Access to TecHub’s technology sourcing and scouting

  • Resale integrated solution in other markets

  • Backup and recovery plan for technologies on default

  • Access to TecHub platform

    • Build your profile, industries, target markets and activities

    • Inject and manage market needs

    • Projects registration & conflicts resolution

    • Manage opportunities and constantly be updated by the technologies you promote

    • Advanced searching capabilities to a large technologies database

SI & Disti

Finders and Business Development Professionals


Any individual or small scale company, who wishes to leverage its vast experience and business relations into real revenue generation.



Access to mature and innovative technologies looking to scale up its business.

  • Engage and teaming with technologies within your domain expertise 

  • Offer your business development, market penetration and sales services to various technologies in your target market

  • Access to TecHub platform

    • Build your profile, industries and target markets

    • Manage opportunities and constantly be updated by the technologies you promote

    • Projects registration & conflicts resolution 

Finder & BD

3rd Party service providers


Any service provider who offers high end services, which are required by technology providers to promote its business in the target market. Such services can be: Marketing, Legal, HR, Call center, Tech. remote center, regulatory and specific segments



  • Expose your services to technologies who wishes to expand their business in your target market.

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3rd Party Srv.

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