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About Us

The TecHub global network of startups and business professionals, investors and consultants is all about quick access to exceptional business opportunities while reducing risks involved when penetrating new markets and creating ample opportunities for companies looking to expand abroad.

Our Services


For Technology Providers

  • Faster business progress - Instant access to our community of solution providers & business development.

  • Close to the Market & to the Customers - engage with projects, tenders and market needs 

  • Growing and accurate pipeline in multiple regions.

  • Turn unmanaged leads into managed projects.

  • Transparent communication with project's stakeholders and connection to high level decision makers in various government entities and private business sectors.

For System Integrators and solution Providers

  • Easy access to innovative, mature and vetted technologies.

  • Transparency regarding the technology provider's ability to deliver and support.

  • Market needs management - mix & match technologies; inject new needs.

  • Improve success rate in winning RFPs and projects.

  • Transparent communication, project registration and conflict resolutions.

  • Use the TecHub platform to resell its integrated solution into other markets.

  • Backup and recovery plan for technology providers in default.


For Sales and Business Development Partners

  • Leverage your network of business relations into real revenue generation.

  • Access to mature and innovative technologies looking to scale up its business.

  • Online deal registration mechanism which helps manage multiple channels addressing the same opportunity.

  • One stop shop for managing your opportunities, simplified and transparent deal flow progress, compensation agreements.

  • Continuous updates of collateral, sales tools and webinars to help you grown your business.

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